Emiliano Marazzi

Hi! I’m Emiliano Marazzi, nice to meet you: I’m from Milan and I graduated in 2004 in Industrial Deisgn (Politecnico di Milano, 5y) with a thesis on creative riqualification of Navigli quarter.

Since last university years, I work in association with advertising companies, with national and international clients and projects. I born as a tradional creative, and I still have a straight link with paper and phisic projects.

Time by time I envolved with digital projects always more, ‘till I became a digital art director too, with a great expertise on UI and UX of apps and websites.

Despite of my professional grow, I’m firmly sure that creativity can’t be defined in “classic” or “digital”: a modern art director/creative director must see them as different faces of the same inspiration.


Curriculum vitae

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